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What is love? What some may think
is love, actually is not love at all. 

The definition may differ from person to person. 


Tyeshia came to realize that as you grow in life, you start to recognize the difference between your perception and your reality. Over time, she learned there are two different types of love. Self-love and dependent love.


The story she shares with her audience is based on a true story. She hopes this story will encourage others to know their worth. 

Tyeshia's vision is to build a platform that will help others who are having a hard time providing self-love or knowing their worth, and gain the strength and confidence in building these two most important factors. 

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you." 

- Rupi Kaur

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Tyeshia Dorsey is a mother of two beautiful girl

who always had a desire to write a book. ​

After writing Hurt Beyond Measure, her vision became bigger than just publishing a book. Tyeshia's vision is to build a platform that will help others; who are having a hard time providing self-love or knowing their worth, and gain strength and confidence in building these two most important factors.

Currently she works as a Therapist/Mental Health Clinician. She overcame the hurt from being abused mentally, and now is in a position where she is able to help others overcome their hurt and distractions from being mentally and physically abused. 



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Wow! What a Great Read

I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster with you. How you express your emotions when it came down to you being sad, happy, confused, and lost. As a reader I felt your PAID...I admire your strength and willingness to share your life experience with the world. I am truly aspired by the person you were and the powerful woman you are today. 

S. Holland 

Annapolis, Maryland

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I Really Like This Book

I really like her book, I can relate to her story on a lot of levels. I've went through a lot dealing with these hood guys myself and I've definitely experienced losing myself trying to love a man that could never love me the same time it's beautiful that she's made peace with what she went through and she's turning her pain into a testimony. 


Fresno, California


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Her Pain Made Her Wise

This girl helped me through more than she even knows. I was just 20 years old living most of what her book was about. Our paths crossed for a reason and now I see where her wisdom came from. The lessons she beat into my head as a hard-headed, no self-loving 20 year old are the same lessons I carry with me today. 

Courtney Deoraj 

Baltimore, Maryland

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We Need a Part 2

I am so proud, excited, and over joyed about this accomplishment. I look forward to what God has next for you. Keep moving and pushing and ride the momentum -

WINNING looks great on you.

Monika Willis

Annapolis, Maryland

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Yes, I read it already. I couldn't put it down or take a break...definitely a good read! I felt like I was a child again watching you go through those things. You've overcome EVERYTHING that was meant to destroy you!

Felicia of

Annapolis, Maryland


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So Proud of You

As long as I've known you and the times we spent hanging out, I never knew you went through some of these painful times in your life. That's what I mean when I tell people you never know what someone is going through - Congratulations!

Marinda Wilson of 

Annapolis, Maryland




A person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others may have died. 




Location: Annapolis, Maryland


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